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Our Process

Thermoformed Acrylic - The Difference is Clear!

Acrylic thermoforming brings a new innovation to the ADA sign market. It is now possible to create raised letters and braille from the same piece of material that makes up the sign plaque itself. 

The result is a truly one-piece sign that is far more durable and vandal resistant than most other common sign manufacturing methods such as engraving appliqué, inlaid plastic or photopolymer.

In fact, the only signs that rival the durability of thermoformed acrylic are acid-etched or cast metals and these metal signs have one big drawback: they are opaque, often have a non-uniform mill-finish and must be primed, painted and screen printed – all on the surface.

With thermoforming we have the ability to create one-piece signs that are not only non-glare, but optically clear enough for subsurface application of graphics, logos and background color and images. All of those are protected from scratching and chipping behind a solid sheet of acrylic. We call the result ADA/PermaSign™.

Another unique trait of thermoformed acrylic signs is the ability to form perfectly rounded domed braille without the need for additional finishing. With the same process, we have developed a round-profile tactile characters which has been received by the blind community as a revolution in tactile readability because it is significantly easier to read by touch than any other profile in use today. We call this character profile ADA/EasyTouch™.

Clear signs also give us another benefit in that we can take full advantage of the little known ADA section allowing "invisible" braille & tactile sign sections to supplement highly visible visual signs – also known as "dual-purpose signs".

Thermoformed acrylic with its unique properties is taylor-made for this purpose, and we call the result ADA/InvisiTouch™.

We offer retail signage for end-users.

Both standard stock signs as well as fully customized signage solutions, including facility surveys, floor plan analysis, way-finding concepts and design services are available.

We also offer wholesale signage for sign companies.

Pick from our standard stock items or send us your own designs or architectural details. Order signs fully finished or ready-to-finish to utilize your own in-house capabilities like vinyl cutting, digital printing, custom painting or composite assembly.

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